Preventative Maintenance & Technical Support

All sites installed by ITE-ACME are automatically covered by a standard Defect Liability Period (DLP) of 1 year. A proactive maintenance program is created according to the individual systems needs to minimize any unforeseen technical lapses and maximize uptime.

Critical infrastructure such as Data Centres require fast and efficient troubleshooting to maintain uptime in the event that a technical issue arises. At ITE-ACME Joint Venture we provide  24/7 technical support and on-site troubleshooting and rectification within 3 hours of notice by phone.

Our preventative maintenance program is aimed at reducing the occurrence of unexpected technical issues and prolonging equipment lifespan. As part of this service, we schedule periodic check-ups, which involves testing of equipment based on a predetermined program. An assessment report on the status of equipment will be provided to our clients on each visit.