Racing To New Heights

Aiming to be one of the best Thai-owned, high standard, skilled and experienced international EPC contractors, since its foundation, ITE has constantly developed and improved its Quality Management  System (QMS), focusing  on client requirements  and satisfaction, under the latest ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System standard. In addition, ITE has upgraded its Occupational Health and Safety Management System  and Environmental Management System to be certified by International Standard of OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO14001:2015. ITE strives to improve operational technology through continuous training and updates in engineering software and enterprise software such as BIM and ERP.

Building Services to Empower Everyone

Every service, every piece of software and every component is created with future-driven features built in. Throughout years of tireless innovation and challenging the status-quo, Acme has become the most renowned Data Centre builder in the Asia-pacific region — with over 15 years of industry-presence and 2,000,000 ft² of purpose-built Data Center land delivered. The mission has always been to create the most reliable and useful tools to deliver quality services to our Data Centres around the world. Acmes continuous desire to live up to the ideals of uncompromising quality has shown to be exceptionally useful this past year as everyone shifted entirely to virtual communication for the first time in the history of humanity. When the world changes, business changes too. Acme hardware, software and services work together to give customers the power and flexibility to do whatever needs doing


“Synergizing both ITE’s site / MEP experience & local resources with ACME’s specialized expertise in Data Center design & construction and project management, ITE-ACME JOINT VENTURE COMPANY LIMITED has been formed to provide end-to-end data center services in this industry. Our clients shall benefit from this strategic teaming to bring forth well thought designs, quality build for long term sustainability. Our teams of specialists with more than 15 years of end-to-end Data Center project management expertise and locally trained staff capable of emergency response and preventive maintenance will help ensure your data center needs are well met.”


To be the leading provider of end-to-end Data Center services in Thailand and CLMV, offering uncompromised excellence.


Improving adaptability and efficiency through continuous innovation and value engineering. With expertise in integrated engineering disciplines, our goal is to deliver and maintain sustainable and resilient Data Centers at the highest industry standards, quality and safety.


Mr. Nitiphan Uawithya
Mr. Nitiphan Uawithya
Managing Director
With more than 20 years experience in the M&E sector, Mr Uawithya oversees the entire operations of ITE, including areas of construction and M&E. He is well poised to take on the joint venture between Acme and ITE to greater heights.
Ms. Jennie Tan
Ms. Jennie Tan
A veteran in the Data Centre industry in Singapore for over 20 years, Jennie is highly regarded in the local scene and is specialized in the stringent DC expectations and updated DC trends. Her key motto is to ensure data centres are built with quality and efficiency for high resiliency and long term sustainability.